NBTE, Organize Major Curriculum Review and Development for Polytechnics


In another major drive to update the curricula of programmes offered at Polytechnics and as well as initiating new programmes, a workshop was organized at Asaa Pyramid Hotel, Kaduna from 25- 30 May 2009 by the National Board for Technical Education, NBTE in cooperation with UNESCO.

The curricula for 26 programmes offered at National and Higher National Diploma Level were revised to taking into consideration the new needs of the labour market in Nigeria and the rapid changes in technology. They included programmes in agricultural technology, health professions such as optometry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental technology, radiology; and applied arts such as interior design, graphic design and advertising, architectural technology, and printing technology. Over 100 Nigerian national consultants selected from various Polytechnics, Universities, professional bodies and the private sector and 14 UNESCO international consultants participated in the workshop.

Preparation for the curriculum review was initiated at an Expert Meeting held during 27-30 April 2009 and attended by 40 national experts and NBTE Programme officers and UNESCO Lead Consultant for the project. The competency based draft curricula were further refined and developed at the final workshop in May. Special emphasis was placed on the practical aspects of the curricula which accounted for more that 50%. The weekly activities and learning outcomes were detailed for the theory and practical parts as well as teachers’ activities, required resources and assessments. The new curricula are a new addition to the 57 revised programmes completed during 2002-2004 under the first phase of the project.

At the Closing Ceremony, NBTE Executive Secretary, Dr. Nuru Yakubu expressed his appreciation and thanks to all the participants for their professionalism and dedication. He also thanked UNESCO for its continuing support in the revitalization of TVE in Nigeria and providing the international expertise through the team of 14 international consultants. He then presented the participants with Certificate of Participation.